Monday, August 19, 2013

School review, Deck progress & Dimes.

Today starts the first full week of school. Wesley hasn't figured out the whole five days of school and then two days off for the weekend. He's always still very surprised and pleased when he has days off for Saturday and Sunday. Yesterday he came up to me and said "Now let me get this straight, tomorrow I have school right?" I said yep and he thought about it for a second and said "Yeeeessss!". He loves school and that makes a Mom happy. Personally, I think he loves recess but it's all good.

He still holds my hand when I walk him inside. Last Friday he held hands with Greta as they tromped ahead of me into the school. It made my day. He likes hugs too. Every day at the end of school when his kindergarten teacher lead them out to the waiting parents, he would wrap his tiny arms around her and give her a hug goodbye. He did this every day of the school year. I wasn't sure if he'd do it now that he's in first grade so I kept my eyes open when his new teacher lead them out on Friday. Sure enough he gave her a hug goodbye. He's a sweet kid.

We had a weekend full of progress. The deck project is moving again. After nearly a month of rain it looks like we may have a reprieve. No rain for the next 6-8 days. So wood is being ordered today and (hopefully) delivered tomorrow. Rich and Sean got the 4X4 posts set on the footings yesterday and he's hoping to get the rest of the week off of work to get the deck done. I'm so excited!

We had a little excitement last week. Tuesday Greta thought it would be a good idea to eat a dime. Yep, a dime. She ran up to me screaming that she just choked on money. I asked if she was ok and then asked where the money was now? She sheepishly said in her tummy. I know it was a dime because she was playing with one earlier. So I called poison control to see what they recommended. They said they would like to know that it wasn't stuck in her esophagus and recommended an x-ray. I called my pediatrician to see if they had the equipment to do that without (another) trip to the ER. The nurse said they normally don't worry about objects under an inch and if she is able to breathe properly, eat bread and drink water then I shouldn't worry about it. So we watched and waited and apparently the dime wasn't a problem. I can only assume it passed without any issues (because I'm not sifting through anymore poo). Greta is 3 years old for roughly 32 more days, I suppose she's going to occasionally act like it. Ugh.

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Granny Randi said...

Wesley and Greta are growing up so fast! It's hard to believe that Wesley started 1st grade and Greta is starting preschool. Time flies!

Glad you are making progress on your deck. Hopefully Rich coming home won't slow progress too much.

Please give the kids a big hug from granny!