Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Lobsters, Cubicles and Beauty Queens

-My menu's for dinner were getting a bit stale so I implemented "Seafood Friday" about six months ago. Ever since we've been enjoying all sorts of new (and maybe questionable) seafood dishes. Recently we switched it from Seafood Friday to Seafood Saturday (has a nicer ring doesn't it?) so that Rich could join in on the festivities. We've been having fun trying all sorts of new dishes but mostly salmon and changing it up with snow crab legs about every 3-4 weeks. We found a wild caught cedar plank salmon that was pretty good (although very hard to cook through). I'll throw in bay scollops and shrimp dishes every so often but it's rare. I thought it was time to change things up last Saturday so I bought a whole lobster and a sushi sampler tray. I'd gotten the sushi before and love it but the kids hadn't tried it. I told them they could have a piece of candy if they tried the sushi and, by golly, they tried it. Greta liked it, Wesley not so much. Greta is my little seafood lover though and can usually eat more crab than I do. The lobster was another story. We were lacking in knowledge on what to do with the poor creature so after he was cooked we just cut him open down the back. This exposed his body cavity which was filled with what I refer to as a "guacamole" like substance (goodbye appetite!). We did dine on his tasty tail and claws but all in all not something I would buy again. It was a good experience for the kids (and adults as well). 

-Last Friday was Family Fun Day at the hubby's work so into the car we piled and off we went for an afternoon of fun. We got to see his new cubicle and enjoy a bounce house (in the rain...have I mentioned it won't stop raining?). This year, I must admit, it was poorly planned and we had to wait in line a very long time for more food to be cooked. Waiting in line with hungry children is not a pleasant experience. But we made the kids very happy by going across the street to get an ice cream cone afterwards. That's what they will remember, not the long lines and wet bounce houses.

-I finally made it into the 21st century and bought a smart phone. Forever I'd had a Tracfone, you know....one of those little pay by the minute cell phones? It's not like I go many places or have a load of friends to keep contacts for, I never felt like I was missing out on something. Well my little tracfone finally bit it (well it didn't officially die it just took too long to wake up) so I went to replace it and found I wanted something more functional. When I wanted to go for a walk or run in the evenings I liked the idea of tracking my speed and progress so I'd take hubby's phone with the running app on it. I also wanted something with a decent camera I could have in my purse without taking the big camera. So I'm now the proud owner of a LG Optimus l9. Still a pay by the minute phone but this time through T-Mobile (still very inexpensive). I've been having fun with the free apps and found one called Cymera which takes pictures and then has a "beautify" button in which you can change hair color, size of eyes, makes you thinner and so forth. I haven't laughed so hard in quite some time as I did the other night. My parents came over and I took pictures and "transformed" all of us into beauty queens (or maybe just queens in some cases...hehehe). It was a good purchase and I'm having way too much fun with it.

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Granny Randi said...

My son is quite a beauty queen! These are hilarious!