Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fun with Grandy Randi

Well the insanity of the trip is done, the party is over and the house is quiet once again. Granny Randi (or Grandy Randi as Greta calls her) left Sunday and we all miss her. We had a nice time having her here last week, the kids thoroughly enjoyed having Granny here 24/7. She got used as a giant pillow a few times:

Her friend Connie asked her to gather a few bags of walnuts while she was here so out she went one evening into the grove and gather she did. I believe Connie wanted them for dying wool. I'm just glad someone is using them!

But my favorite picture of the week is brought to you by the Stomp Rocket that Aunt Stacy and Uncle Nate got Wesley for his birthday. It's a great toy that the whole family enjoyed (enjoys!). The harder you stomp on the air pad, the higher the rocket shoots. So we got fancy with the effort we put into jumping and stomping on the air pad. Randi perfected the "Run and Jump" method while Wesley stuck with the "One Foot really high in the Air" method. We aren't showing you my method because I'm the keeper of the blog and decide which incredibly bad photos are posted and which are silently deleted. Hehehe.

First off the "One Foot" method:

And lastly the "Run and Jump" method including my favorite Granny Randi picture ever.

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Granny Randi said...

Thanks for another beautiful shot of Granny Randi! That was so much fun. I loved being their with you all.