Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ready for round two

Oh golly, here we go again! The second round of snow is headed our way. Weather dude is saying 9-15 inches by Tuesday on top of what we got on Thursday. We thought we'd better get the driveway cleared  for the fresh stuff in case I have to get out in the Volt, which has about 2 inches of clearance (I wish I was kidding). So Sean went out and got the little John Deere tractor going in hopes of plowing the driveway with the blade on the front. Sadly, without chains or weights it hardly got itself out of the shop. So he switched gears and got the snow shovel and spent most of the morning clearing the 300 foot driveway. Poor guy is feeling it tonight.

This evening we were rearranging stuff in the shop trying to make the tractor accessible when Sean decided to try some "homemade" weights for the tractor (buckets full of the kids wet sand from the sandbox). Naturally they worked great and allowed him to plow quite a bit more snow (I'm sure he was wishing he'd thought that up before clearing the driveway by hand).  Those combined with the chains we just ordered will make quick work of any future snow.

Of course after all that was done we got the call from the school saying school was cancelled for yet another snow day tomorrow. Which is good since Wesley has been throwing up off and on since Friday (twice on Friday and once early this morning). Probably wouldn't have sent him to school even if it was in session. He seems to be feeling fine today so I hope it's over. I hate seeing my kids sick.

 Yesterday, when everyone was feeling well, we took the kids out and spent some quality time in the snow. Of course there was a lot of whining about how cold they were and several trips back into the house to warm fingers and toes. We had fun building all sorts of things including snowmen, forts and even a little yorkie. We've got the cupboards full of food, the animals are all bedded down, we are ready for the second round of snow. Bring it on!

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Granny Randi said...

Love the yorkie, Mandy! There's no end to your talent!

I remember that I took longer to get the boys in their snow suits than they stayed was a constant dressing and undressing them! Looks like you all had fun building!
Stay to you all.