Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Goat Aftermath

I think I can say Miss Dym is out of the woods. She's back to her normal, goaty self. That was a close call, I was pretty sure it was the end of the line for the old gal. I can officially say I've never been so happy in my life to see a goat pee and poop.

I went into the local vet clinic yesterday and picked up the dewormer (albendazole) for the other three goats. The vet also wanted me to give each goat a shot of B-12 daily for the next three days to aid in their dealing with the vicious worm load. I had to explain to him that one of the goats is a 250 pound, evil Boer wether that would rather gore me to death than let me worm him. The vet ensured me that I could do it (get as much help as needed) and that it was important that all goats were treated. So I got home, climbed into my coveralls and boots and had a little talk with GoatMan through the fence. I told him to prepare himself, I was going to get that dewormer down his throat. He just watched me with his red Satan eyes while planning my imminent death. I have to admit I was nervous, that goat and I have had many bad run ins with each other most of which usually ended with me having a greenish purple bruise where his horn intercepted my thigh.

So into the corral I went. I crept up to him quietly while praising him (Ha!) and quickly grabbed the base of the nearest horn. He did not like this and proceeded to take me for a ride around the pen. About this time I decided perhaps this wasn't the brightest idea, after all I was home alone with Greta and if anything were to happen to me it would be hours before anyone would find my mangled, gored body. But it was too late at that point I was going to get this done. By golly I did not let go of that horn. GoatMan has a good hundred and fifteen pounds on me but I knew he'd get tired of dragging me around at some point which he finally did. I squirted that dewormer down his throat and exited the corral but not before throwing my hands in the air and yelling "Victory!".

That's about the time I realized I have to repeat the deworming in 21 days. Sigh.

Oh and I thought I'd share what the garage looked like after three full grown goats were housed in it for less than 24 hours. So much poo.....

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Granny Randi said...

OMG...this is hilarious...wish I had a video of goatman dragging you around the pen!
You're amazing, Mandy!
Glad Dym is doing well.