Tuesday, February 5, 2013


One of the fun parts of having children is trying to explain everyday things to them. Things that I thought everyone knew.....even little kids. Things like: the fact that your eyes are closed when you sleep. Wesley doesn't understand the concept. He swears up and down that he sleeps with his eyes open. We tell him repeatedly that his eyes, are indeed, shut when he sleeps. He doesn't believe us and demanded proof. So for the last few mornings he runs up to me and eagerly asks if I took a picture of him while he was sleeping. And for the last few mornings I had to admit that I forgot to take the picture (oops).

But last night was the night. I snuck up there with my camera, flash on, ready to blind the poor child. Unfortunately I failed to realize the new camera shines a rather blinding orange light right before it takes a night picture. It woke him up. I snuck out of the room vowing to return another night. Before crashing for the night I mentioned this to Sean and he recommended using the old camera. I told him he was welcome to try it, so he did. He gathered the proof:

This morning Wesley groggily asked me if I took a picture last night (I think he was giving up hope that I'd remember). I showed him the picture and he stared at it puzzled. I could tell the gears were moving in his head, trying to come up with a valid reason for why his eyes would be closed. Finally he looked up at me and said "Well they must have been shut because I was dreaming, I shut my eyes when I dream.....but not when I'm just sleeping." 

Sigh. I think I'll just let him believe it.

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Granny Randi said...

Wesley is so much like his daddy! Thanks for the giggle!