Thursday, January 24, 2013

Weekend Update

The weatherman is playing tricks on us this week. We got to enjoy a spring like weekend with temperatures in the 60's and today it didn't get above 29 degrees. We did get outside and enjoy the beautiful weekend. Sean got to try out something he's been wanting to do for quite some time. Powder coating. From what I gather it's the process of coating a piece of metal with some colored powder (that's charged?) and then baking it in the shop oven to produce a nice coating on the metal. He's been researching it and he got a powder coating gun, so finally it was just time to try it out. Thankfully we have an oven out in the shop which I use to bake my sculptures...I can't imagine using the main oven in the house. The finished part looks marvelous and has already been attached to it's spot in the corvette engine. Oh....I should mention he made the part with his lathe and milling machine.

I was locking up the four remaining chickens a couple of nights ago and only three were roosting in the hen house. So I went out into the aviary to find one hen just sitting there, she wasn't looking good. So I brought her in the house and put her in a laundry basket with some hay. She was bright eyed and tried to peck my fingers but she wouldn't move. She drank some water, ate some hard boiled egg and promptly died.  It surprised me. And then there were three hens. I figure it's time for some chicks, to replenish the flock. My first thought was to get an incubator and hatch out half a dozen chicks. The kids would love it, heck I'd love it. But I don't want to have to deal with roosters. I know I'd get attached to the little buggers and would have a hard time getting rid of them. So I'm going to just go get some sexed chicks from the big stock tank at the feed store whenever they start arriving. I'm kind of excited.

I'll leave you with some random shots I got this weekend. Yes, it was warm enough for dresses and no shoes. 

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Granny Randi said...

Sean is amazing...The part looks great!