Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Wednesday Write-Up

-I don't have many resolutions this year but I do have one. I am going to attempt to make Greta a much more happy child. This is what Greta looks like most of the day. I kid you not.

She pouts about everything. Most of the time even including the folded arms, stomping and slamming of her bedroom door. I wish she was a happier little girl. So my goal this year is to make her laugh more, spend more time playing with her and understand that she is only three years old. I walked in on her the other day practicing her "angry face" in her bedroom mirror. She was saying "angry face" (while making the above face) then she'd smile and say "happy face".  She did this over and over. It was funny and somewhat frightening all at the same time. Did mention she's three years old? Sean and I are petrified of what the teenage years might bring.

-Since I'm talking about Greta I'll mention my other goal. She started backtracking on the whole potty training thing. I don't know if it was a lazy thing or a power play but she even started going number 2 in her pull ups again. Talk about frustrating! So I decided with the new year comes a fresh start to potty training. Starting yesterday we said good bye to pull ups. I'm not buying them weekly anymore. She is now in big girl undies (except for night time) all day. It's like she just needed the nudge because she is doing wonderfully, only having one accident yesterday. I'm really proud of her and she knows it.

-The big dogs have been inside quite a bit over the past month due to the bitterly cold weather. Sophie is getting up in years and the white on her muzzle is creeping up steadily. I just wanted to share this picture, I thought it showed how sweet she is (when she's sleeping.....normally she's the spawn of Satan eating the kids toys, counter cruising, dumping the trash and jumping on the windows).

-My husband has decided to (attempt to) grow a beard. He's never been a facial hair kid of guy so this should be entertaining to watch. I admit I'm not into facial hair on guys but I'm willing to see how this whole experiment turns out. So let "No Shave January" begin!

-Today is the last day of winter break for Wesley, he's back to kindergarten tomorrow. I have to say I finally understand the lyrics to the popular Christmas song "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas" when they say "mom and dad can hardly wait for school to start again". I am SO there. Don't get me wrong, we've had an enjoyable time home as a family (Sean just went back to work today). We played a lot, read a lot, were sick many days, played in the snow and played the Wii (that we borrowed from my folks) nearly daily. We are heading out to Sonic for some ice cream in just a few minutes as a last hurray. But I must admit I'm looking forward to getting back in a schedule.

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Granny Randi said...

OMG...that picture is so Greta! She's a force to be reckoned with! Maybe she's grow out of it!
Big girl panties rule!
Can't wait to see my baby with a beard. Please post pictures.
Enjoy getting back to your schedule.
Much love to all of you.