Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

-Greta will dance around to nearly every country music song on my iTunes list except Taylor Swift. When one of her songs starts up Greta immediately tells me to turn it off. This makes me laugh for some reason. Perhaps I've instilled some taste in her after all (hehe...please note that these are my Taylor Swift songs).

-Sean and I had a date night last weekend and went to Olive Garden. I decided to be a good girl and ordered off of their "Light Entree" menu. Each meal was under 550 calories. So out comes our waitress with two dishes, one piled high with linguine, mussels, scallops and shrimp (Sean's meal) and next to it was this big plate with this tiny square of vegetable lasagna. I mean tiny (smaller than a deck of cards). It was so disappointing. Never again will I order from the light menu. Next time I order regular lasagna and take home half of it.

-The Volt hates the winter. It won't run off of electricity very often, keeping the gas engine going when it's under 20 degrees, for my short drive to school and home. We both will be very happy when Spring comes.

-I love Sue Grafton murder mystery books (you know...the "I" is for Innocent series). I'm devouring about one a week, nearly halfway done. I'm on "J" is for Judgement. There's nothing much better on a freezing cold day than to curl up under a warm quilt with a mug of green tea and read a good book.

-I've been having fun changing many of my regular recipes into low sugar recipes and replacing the vegetable oil with coconut oil. I just put two loaves of Double Chocolate Banana Bread into the oven and the smell is divine. Each slice will have less than 150 calories. I even snuck chia seeds into the recipe and I bet the kids won't even know.

-Yesterday I was upstairs putting Wesley's laundry away and Greta comes running upstairs gleefully yelling that she went poo poo in the little potty. I congratulated her and proceeded to go get the little potty and empty it into the big potty. Except there was nothing in the little potty except "remnents". But there was Chance (our terrier) who was licking his lips. I know, gross. So I decided to shame him. Perhaps he'll think twice before eating the human brownies again.


Granny Randi said...

There's no shame in a dog...even poor little Chancie! I love that picture! I looked out the window and there Hilde was prancing around with a vey dead rodent in her mouth having a heck of a good time...then she came in and wanted to give me a kiss!

Don't deny yourself everything...especially on date night. Enjoy your low cal goodies. Rich will appreciate them, too!

Hoofprints said...

I agree. Date night is about enjoying yourself. It's okay to cheat on your diet once in a while. Plus, how am I to eat at Carlos O Kelly's without my pig-out buddy?? :-)