Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Small Victory

Today was a big day for Greta. She's officially gone seven days without having any accidents (we don't count night at this point). For a three year old this is quite an accomplishment....at least for my three year old. I told her several months ago that if she can go seven days without peeing in her underwear we would drive into Target and buy her a Tangled doll that she's been wanting for like ever. She was downright giddy this morning. Every day she would ask how many more days and today finally arrived. She's a big girl in big girl undies now and I couldn't be more proud of her. We made a day of it. First to Target:

Then lunch at Panera Bread. I gotta say they have some wonderful Broccoli Cheese soup that's not all that calorie dense (200 calories). Paired with their Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich made for a lovely filling meal.  I'm thrilled a Panera opened up fairly close to us. Greta was thrilled they sell giant M&M cookies.

After that we stopped by the Goodwill store to see if there were any treasures that needed to come home with us. I'm a thrift store junkie and love finding a bargain. Today we didn't find much, a new princess puzzle and the Cootie game (I LOVED that game as a kid, blast from the past).
We came home and played the game. I think the kids enjoyed themselves. That was my day, I hope you had a nice day too!


Granny Randi said...

Please tell Greta that Granny Randi is very proud of her. If I go 7 days without peeing in my pants will you buy me an M&M cookie?

The Menagerie Momma said...

Hehehe Randi. You betcha! I still can't do jumping jacks. Pregnancy killed my bladder. TMI? lol