Tuesday, January 1, 2013

First Flurry

Happy new year everyone! We got our first snow of the season yesterday and today. The kids soaked it up. The animals not so much.

 Greta all dressed up like Ralphie's brother from a Christmas Story. She couldn't even sit down to put her boots on. Hehe.....Love the hat too, thanks Granny Randi!

 Rocky, Desi, Heston, Cocoa and Dym all enjoying their morning hay.

 It was the kind of flakes that are huge and wet and perfectly formed. Gorgeous snow flakes. 

 So pretty (even on my cruddy coveralls).

 Desi says Hi. He'll be sixteen years old this Spring, which is still pretty young for a mini. The farrier trims a few that just turned 30 years old.

Goat Man posing for the camera moments before trying to dispatch me. He's one ornery old feller.

1 comment:

Granny Randi said...

I'm so glad the hat fit Greta...she looks adorable in it!
Love to you all!