Saturday, August 27, 2011

Our once every decade purchase

It's a special day in our house. We did something we do about every ten years. We actually bought a new computer! I know, I know...this probably isn't that special to everyone else but this is big news for us considering computers are used for my business and Sean's career revolves around them. We've been hobbling by lately using a laptop that a very generous friend gave us. But it's battery finally died for the third time and we felt it was time. So we packed the kids up in the car and off to Best Buy we went to search for that special new member of family. Walking the isles of laptops left me a little disappointed. They all seemed so cheap and flimsy, even the expensive ones. So perhaps a laptop is not what I was looking for after all. Then around the next turn I saw it. This big, beautiful screen that beckoned to me "Buy me!". I fell in love with the all-in-one computers. They have a giant screen with the computer built in. The kicker here? The thing that made me buy it was the touch screen. It is so cool. It's like a giant iPad.

We knew we could get a better deal for it online than at the store, so I wrote down the model number of the Dell I liked and Sean came home and did oodles of research. He finally found one on Dell's site that was refurbished and about $150 less than the one in the store. Then at checkout we saw the coupon code slot and Googled "Dell Coupon Code" to find a code for 20% off. Turns out it worked! Got another $123 bucks off. All in all, it was a steal! We're feeling like pretty savvy consumers right about now. I have to admit that the very best thing about this whole purchase was sitting in front of a 23 inch full screen of Farmville. Pathetic? Yes. But so worth it.

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Granny Randi said...

I may be in the market for a new computer, too. Sunday am it refused to power up. Rich checked all the wires and hit it a few times and got it going. Now I'm afraid to turn it off. Backed up everything yesterday, so if it dies I still have my docs.
Please tell me how you like yours.
Miss you and love you.