Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Beating the Heat

Ok, it's summer. It's the time of year when the kids are outside running around screaming, something good is grilling on the BBQ, and sitting in chair under a tree with a cool drink sounds pretty good. Right? Wrong. It's so hot the the kids stand next to the tree with you, with their little red cheeks, begging to go inside to the air conditioning. Nothing is grilling because you might as well save the gas and toss the meat on the sidewalk. It's absolutely unfathomably hot. So on that note, what better to do on a boring Monday? Drag the kids to the fair! Yep, the county fair was going on this week, so I picked Jessica and her kids up and we all headed out. All in all not my brightest idea, the animals were all spread out in their pens miserable from the heat and the kids just drug their feet around. Oh well, can't say we didn't try.

We got the new slip n slide out and got it set up, boy did that turn out to be a hit! There is one section of the grass in the backyard that I keep watered, so I set it up on that grass since it would provide some cushioning while sliding (you know, verses the virtual dust bowl that the rest of the lawn is). The problem turned out to be too much water from the slip n slide created a nice mud pit that attracted the kids more than the slide. I gave up and let them have their mud fun, then hosed em down. At least it was a great way to beat the heat!

Oh to be young and crazy again.

And look! Goats grazing in the dog kennel in the background....can we all say "redneck"?


Little Man's blog said...

Emery heard your voice and came over to watch the video. He said "Dead-A" (Greta) and Dead-ey (Wesley). He wanted to watch it over and over. He loves his cousins!

Granny Randi said...

Love the video! Kids and water...a dynamite combination. Thanks for sharing.