Sunday, August 21, 2011

Funday Sunday: Jalapeno Bacon Poppers

These things are simply sinful. I actually had them for the first time down in New Mexico for Thanksgiving. Someone brought them as an appetizer and I sat there and inhaled them since I was starving. They are a bit spicy but if you pop em in your mouth without letting them touch your lips then you avoid the burning lips. They are oh so good. Give them a try especially, if like me, you have a ton of jalapenos hanging out in the garden. If I get a hankering for these I'll run out and grab 4 or 5 jalapenos and make enough for a snack. You can also make a huge amount for a BBQ. Tasty little suckers.

Jalapeno Bacon Poppers


  • 20 whole Fresh Jalapenos, 2-3 Inches In Size
  • 2 cubes Cream Cheese, softened
  • 1 pound Thin(regular) Bacon, Sliced Into Thirds (or you can use the already cooked bacon for small batches, just place it flat on top)

Preparation Instructions

If you have them, slip on some latex gloves for the pepper prep... Cut jalapenos in half, length-wise. With a spoon, remove the seeds and white membrane (the source of the heat; leave a little if you like things HOT). Smear softened cream cheese into each jalapeno half. Wrap jalapeno with bacon pieces (1/3 slice). 
Bake on a pan with a rack in a 375-degree oven for 20-25 minutes. You don’t want the bacon to shrink so much it starts to the squeeze the jalapeno. If, after 20 minutes, the bacon doesn’t look brown enough, just turn on the broiler for a couple of minutes to finish it off. These are best when the jalapeno still has a bit of bite to it.
Serve immediately, or they’re also great at room temperature.


Stacy said...

I remember these! They were delicious! I wouldn't even think to plant jalapenos - though I roasted some poblano chiles tonight and they were lovely on some grilled chicken tacos. Who knew! And I'm in LOVE with chipotle chiles nowadays too. Every chance I get I make chipotle sauce for tacos or order chipotle mayo on my sandwich. Love ya!

Granny Randi said...

Taylor made these...they are so yummy!I forgot all about them. Thanks for the reminder!

The Menagerie Momma said...

Stacy, will you share your recipe for chipolte sauce? Mmmmm sounds yummy.