Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Birthday Horse

When we moved out here nearly 13 years ago I knew I wanted horses. But with only 5 acres I knew those dreams might not include a full sized horse but rather a couple of miniature horses. So I brought Rocky home as a 6 month old colt and the following year I bought Desi who was 9 years old. These two little horses filled that void that I had for a full sized horse. They sure take as much care as a full sized horse....just as many visits from the farrier, just as much manure and just as much hay.

Yesterday Desi turned 20 years old. You might ask "Is that old for a horse?". Well, not really. The farrier said he routinely sees them go into their 30's without any problems. So we're hopeful little old Desi will make it at least that long. Happy Birthday little horse!

Oh and I couldn't not post the outtake from the birthday picture above. I'm crouched down trying to get a picture with Desi and Rocky was having none of it. He needed to see what was going on and investigate. Rocky usually "investigates" with his teeth. He's a mouthy horse. So he tasted my hair for awhile and showed some interest in my earrings. He did not draw blood, for a change. Desi thinks this is pretty funny stuff.