Thursday, April 13, 2017

Birthday Weekend

Last week we traveled to my sisters house to celebrate my youngest nephews 6th birthday. They kids always have a great time playing with their nephews and this time was no different. Happy Birthday Bennett!

My parents decided to change things up a bit and hid Bennetts birthday presents so that he'd have to complete a scavenger hunt to find his goodies. They gave him hints as to where they were and all the kids would set off to help him find his presents. The non-birthday kids even got a few goodies. It was fun.

We had the privilege of seeing Emery preform in his very first piano recital while we were there. He did a fabulous job!

 My Dad likes to make big breakfasts (that the kids gobble up!) and he made quite the feast Sunday morning.

Before we left to head home we went to Cabela's to see all the animal displays. There were some massive displays of mounted animals throughout the store, with streams full of trout. It was incredible.

There was also a shooting range with guns fitted with lasers that you shoot at targets. It was very kid friendly and Wesley had a lot of fun (as did Papa).

They all wanted to go see Nebraska Furniture Mart and since I've never been I decided to make a quick stop. It was a massive store, that's for sure. Next time I need a new couch or pretty much anything, I'll make the trip up there. The kids were diggin' the headphones. It was a nice trip.

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John Kraft said...

That was a fun weekend!