Monday, November 14, 2016

Special Visit!

We were so thrilled that Granny Randi and Papa Rich came to visit early in the month. We really miss them as we live several states apart. The kids could hardly wait! Randi brought her knitting gear and taught Greta to knit. Greta had been asking me to teach her for ages and I have no idea how to knit, so this was perfect!

We broke out the WiiU and did a little Mario Kart too. Which provided some hilarious entertainment. :)

We took them to the air and space museum while the kids were in school (the kids and I went not too long ago, so I was fine going while they were at school). It was an enjoyable day.

We had some really beautiful weather while they were here and we enjoyed it by going to the park and playing around like monkeys. They kids adore their silly granny.

My folks wanted to see them while they were visiting so we all went out to dinner one night and had a nice time. My kids have some wonderful grandparents.

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