Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Fall Projects

This time of the year stresses me out! I can never quite put my finger on it but it's a super busy time. I think it might be the impending winter and frigid temperatures that drives us to accomplish all the little tasks that didn't get done over the summer.

I've had "staining the deck" on my to do list the entire summer and now that it's cooling down I was able to finally mark it off this past weekend. Sean put stairs on the deck a few weeks ago and replaced a few deck boards that were warping. It needed a nice staining to make everything look uniform. It looks beautiful, if I do say so myself.

Here is the before:

Here is the after:

I had the best helpers to help me clean off the deck and pry acorns from between the boards.

Sean got the seals replaced on the hydraulics on the skid loader and located the battery drain so it's in tip top shape now. First order of business is scooping out the horse pen. It did great! We're so happy to have some way of actually picking up the manure rather than just pushing it out of the way.

Sean is still figuring out how to drive it and maneuver the bucket and had a little accident with the fence. Oops. Thankfully it was an easy fix.

Since we live out in the country we are forced to use the only semi-fast internet service provider around. We have a dish on our room which has a line of sight with a giant tower several miles away. The down side to this kind of internet is that trees grow and obscure the line of sight causing our internet to slow to a crawl. Our options were to put up a free standing tower in the yard or increase the height of the pole on our roof. We went with the cheaper option and increased the pole on the roof to a 10 foot pole. Ten foot required guy wires to keep it on the roof for when the wind picks up....and the wind picks up a lot around here. Sean went out last weekend and put it all up and I'm happy to say our internet is better. Not perfect but good enough to delay a tower in the yard.

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Granny Randi said...

The deck look beautiful! Can I have some of the manure for my garden?