Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Happy 9th Birthday Wesley!

Wesley is turning 9 years old today! He's such a sweet and caring kid that has quite a sense of humor. He keeps up laughing. At nine years old he's very much into video games like Terraria and Minecraft. He loves to read and draw and is super excited to download as many books as possible to his Kindle he got for his birthday.

He had his birthday party this past weekend and his Aunt Betsy and Uncle Blake came with cousins Emery and Bennett. Aunt Jessica was there with Alex, Abby and Evie along with Noni and Papa. It was great fun! Happy Birthday Wesley!

He wanted a Terraria cake, he got a Terraria cake with a giant fondant Eye of Cthulu.

Wesley has been asking for a metal detector for awhile so he got one for his birthday. The yard will never be the same.

Craigslist enthralled the boys.

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