Saturday, July 16, 2016


Last week we had to have our Sophie put to sleep. You might remember back in January she had a goose egg sized tumor on her neck that we had removed. We were hopeful that the vet got all of it and that it wouldn't return. Well, return it did.....and with a vengeance. We talked about our options and another surgery wasn't in the cards. The tumor had tripled in size from the original one in January and was growing very quickly. It was a very hard decision but it was time to say goodbye.

She'd had a good life and was nearly 13 years old. I remember the day I got her. I'd went into the Humane Society with my friend Jessica. It was common practice to stop in there and say hi to all the dogs and cats. The building used to be somewhat near me but has since moved to the other side of town (which is a good thing!). I remember seeing a beautiful reddish retriever sitting in a kennel. We already had one golden retriever and I thought it would be so nice to have another big dog for Cisco to play with. We brought her into the play room to get to know her and she climbed up on my lap. She was eleven months old and not a puppy anymore but she still thought she was a lap dog. I took her home that day and, boy, has it been a ride ever since.

She was good dog with our babies. This was one of my favorite videos from when the kids were tiny.

We had the vet come out Thursday and she was put to sleep in the back yard under a shade tree. We'll miss her.


Barb said...

I'm so sorry for your loss!

John and Julie said...

Nice Post of some good memories! Sorry for your loss.