Thursday, June 30, 2016

Summer So Far

The kids and I have had a lovely summer so far. We are just a few days shy of half way through summer, it's flying by! I found a few pictures on my phone and thought I'd share.

Lunch with Sean at one of our favorite places, Jason's Deli. I took the picture on the right this past week and I took the picture on the left back in 2013. Oh what a difference three years make! Love these two cuties!

The kids have been going to the summer reading program that the library puts on for several years now. It's a fun tradition that we look forward to each summer. This year they got a story teller to come tell a few stories to the kids. They (and I) really enjoyed it!

We decided to join a local church early this year and the kids got to go to vacation bible school the first week of June. They enjoyed themselves, I enjoyed the three hours a day to myself, it was a win win! We love our church!

Whenever we have to go into town I like to treat the kids to a cold drink or an ice cream, they usually always pick ice cream. This trip was an eye appointment for me, if they were good while I had my appointment then we would get ice cream. Here they are enjoying their ice cream Oreo's. Mmmm.

The kids ask almost daily if we can go to the city pool. I don't have it in me to go daily or even weekly so we compromised and dug out their old inflatable kiddie pool from the shop. We blew it up and put it under their slide on the swing set. I found a pool noodle and inserted the hose and wrapped it around so the hose had a stream of water going down the slide. Poof, instant water fun at home! And the kids are always outside playing, win win!

I can't forget this cute picture. We were stuck at Lowes having a big bucket of paint mixed up to paint the front of the house and we wandered over to the patio furniture. They really loved this thing, we might need it in our backyard.

That's, pretty much, been our summer so far!


John Kraft said...

Fun times!

John Kraft said...

Fun times!

Granny Randi said...

Cute picks!Glad you and the kids are enjoying your summer! Miss and love you all very much. See you soon.