Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Museum of Osteology

One of the places we visited while in Oklahoma City was the Museum of Osteology. It was on one of the "fun places to visit" lists I found online and they were right! It's basically a building full of animal skeletons. Everything from the smallest shrew to the biggest whale.

There on the front door was an interesting sign that I had to read twice because it seemed so out of place on the front door of a museum:

 We asked the lady at the front desk about it and she said they mount heads as well as do the "cleaning" of animal kills. And by cleaning I mean they literally let beetles clean all the flesh from the bone. They had a display case right in the entry way of the building with two skulls being cleaned by the beetles, a bobcat on the left and a coyote on the right. Creepy yet fascinating.

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John and Julie said...

You are right - Interesting but creepy...