Friday, June 3, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend

We kicked off the weekend by trying out a (new to us) electric ice cream maker. I bought it at a garage sale last year for five bucks and have never tried it out. After hitting the grocery store and stocking up on whipping cream, half and half and rock salt (all of which I'm not sure I've ever purchased before) we made ice cream. I'm not an ice cream person (I'm not even a dairy person these days) but I had a bowl because, dang it, I made it. It was really good! The whole family agreed.

Then on Monday we went and spent the afternoon at my parents house. They were nice enough to get the row boat out so we could row around their rain engorged pond. My Dad took Wesley out and let him learn how to row. I think he had fun, although he didn't stay out very long. Greta wanted nothing to do with it.

The kids got to help Noni pick cherries and we enjoyed some kabobs on the grill. It was a lovely day!

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Granny Randi said...

Looks like a lovely day. Wish we weren't so far away. Love to you all.