Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Wooden Boxes Everywhere

We have a new member of the family. Last Friday the kids and I ventured out to pick up a bunny we found on a rehoming site online. I've had my eye out now for a few months and thought if the perfect little one came along we might get one. Our little bunny is a spayed female almost a year old. We don't know her breed but I'm guessing a mixture of Hotot and Lionhead. She's such a sweetie and the kids love her. She came with a small wire cage that she'd been living in but after getting it home I realized she'd new something bigger. So I started wandering around the house in search of ideas and ran into the old tortoise table (the pen the tortoises were in when they were babies before getting big).

I could picture some cool indoor rabbit hutch so we drug it out to the shop for "modifications". I went to the farm and ranch store and picked up a roll of rabbit wire, hinges and a latch. Then Sean and I built a fun new house for the new bunny. It has three levels that are connected by ramps. It took about a day and cost less than $40. Not bad! A big thank you to Sean for spending his Father's Day building a hutch. He rocks! We hauled the finish product into Greta's room and put Tuttles the bunny in it on Monday.

The rabbit seems to really like it. She can be found lounging around on the upper deck most days. I put a litter box in several corners and she seems to be potty trained which is a bonus. Welcome to the menagerie Tuttles.

All the pictures looked like this, such a friendly and inquisitive bunny.
On a side note: the chick brooder is officially back in my living room. It was too difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature out in the shop for the baby chicks. I was turning on the window air conditioning unit 4-5 times a day and it was still hot. The little ones were panting with their mouths open and lying out all over the ground trying to cool down. It was easier to just haul the brooder inside. It's nice not worrying about them. They seem much happier indoors.


John and Julie said...

Cute rabbit and really nice cage - I like the wood.
Glad you found a way to keep the chicks at a decent temperature.

Granny Randi said...

Why don't you just turn your whole house into a zoo!
Bunny is adorable.
You rock, Mandy!