Monday, December 21, 2015

Decemeber Odds and Ends

This is an odds and ends post. Stuff that doesn't warrant it's own topic but still good to write down for some reason or another.

-Greta was the first in her kindergarten class to lose a tooth. Then a week later she lost another. We knew tooth pulling would be a far different story than it was for her brother. You see Wesley lets us lasso them with a loop of floss. He's so used to this painless method that it doesn't phase him anymore. I mentioned this method to Greta and she fell into a crumpled mess of sobs on the floor. The mere mention of pulling a tooth and she turns white and runs from the room. She gets the dramatic flare from her mother. I got my ears pierced when I was in 5th grade. Every time I tried to put an earring in I would nearly pass out. I let them close up and 28 years later got them pierced again. This time it "took". Once you get an epidural your fear of needle like objects goes out the window.

Anyways, back to Greta. Those two teeth were loose for a month before she pulled them out on her own in the bathtub. She was so proud of herself. You have to let that one do things on her own.

My Dad took this picture and I love it. I hope you don't mind me using it Pops.

-I got to do something I've never done before. I wrote out a police report. While driving home from picking up the kids from school I witnessed my neighbor, who was preparing to turn left, get rear ended. She's a sweet elderly woman who (thankfully) was in a tank....also known as a Buick. A little Kia driven by a young mother with several children in the back seat plowed into her. The mother was distracted by her kids and didn't notice the Buick had stopped to turn in front of her.

It was quite the accident with air bags being blown and the Buick being slammed forward about 30 feet. The elderly woman wasn't hurt but rather shaken up. She didn't want to get out of the car so I stayed with her until the police showed up. The young mom was very shaken up and had cuts all over. Her kids appeared ok although they were screaming so it's hard to know. She told me she was distracted by the kids before the accident. It was scary and could have easily been far worse. Thank goodness for airbags!

-I've been busy working on sculpture orders for customers. I just finished up the last big batch and got them shipped out on Friday. I do enjoy my "office". It consists of a reclining sofa, Netflix and a warm blanket. I pull  up a TV tray and even paint the sculptures from the couch. But don't you have a work room to do all that in? Why yes I do, but it's currently housing three large desert tortoises and three cockatiels. The latter being extremely loud and obnoxious. No, I'll take the comfy couch. I like my work from home gig. It's a keeper.

My coworkers are pretty nice too. They keep me company and occasionally warm my lap.

Here is the finished batch of yorkies. The guy that ordered them is giving them to his grown kids as gifts. All the kids and their dogs will be together for Christmas so I hope it goes over well. They were fun to make.


John Kraft said...

What a great series of stories! Thanks...

John Kraft said...

What a great series of stories! Thanks...

Granny Randi said...

Love the picture your dad took! It's precious.

You do amazing work in your homey studio. Warm and comfy is a good place for you.

Note from Granger said...

I bet those corkie owners were thrilled! They are amazing!

Note from Granger said...

It was kind of you to stay with the elderly driver. I wonder if she was 'ok' on subsequent days??
Our neighbor was distracted by her grandsons in the back seat of her van a few years ago. The extremely tragic consequences of that situation rocked our entire community. A millisecond of distraction can produce a tragedy of epic proportion! Eyes on the road always. Always.