Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Birthday Boy

We celebrated the Hubby's birthday this week. One of the perks of having both kids in school is the newfound ability to trot off to lunch with my spouse any time I'd like. We've had fun trying new restaurants, breaking out of our routine. Our favorite inexpensive lunch joint is Pita Pit. Think Subway but so much better. It allows me to get something vegetarian (or vegan) and Hubby can get something piled up with meat. Have I mentioned I gave up meat (and dairy for the most part)?  It's been eight months, but that's another post.

Anyways, back to his birthday. We went to PF Chang's and stuffed our faces. Lunches with the hubby have become my new "happy" time. There are no babysitters, no time needed to be home's very carefree. Sometimes we go shopping afterward or get ice cream, it's been fun.

This year I took the kids to the local dollar store to let them pick out something for their dad. It went something like this:

"Would dad want a shower curtain?" "Probably not"

"How about a candle?" "Nah, he's not really a candle guy."

"Maybe some slippers?" "Yes! He'd love a pair of slippers."

So they got him some slippers, a pair of fleece lounging pants and a Dr. Pepper.  And he loved them. We must not forget the card his parents found for him. It's become a running joke to find the most hilarious card possible for each others birthdays. I think she took the cake with this dancing, farting baby card. The kids were laughing so hard they could hardly remain upright.


Granny Randi said...

I'm so glad I could entertain all of you! I laughed till I cried when I found that one. I love our game!

It's nice to know you two are taking time for each other. Date lunches are wonderful. Rich and I do that, too!

Note from Granger said...

Love reading this blog!! Freedom from the completely inflexible workdays I had for decades and lunch any time/any where is one of retirement's greatest pleasures! Card tradition is priceless!

Note from Granger said...

Great blog--love the crazy card tradition too!