Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Trucks, Freezes and Field Trips

It's a busy time of the year. I feel like I wake up running and fall into bed at the end of the day. There is always something to get done. Finding time to sit down and blog has been a stretch so I hope you'll understand when I just shove everything into one longer (picture heavy) post.

In the evenings after the kids go to bed Sean has been going out to the shop to work on his Dad's truck (that was left here after their visit). I'm happy to report he got it all back together after changing out the intake manifold and had it running for awhile the other night. Everything sounds good. Hopefully it will be on the market soon.

We've been experiencing some predictably crazy Spring weather. You know, 85 degrees one day and 44 the next? It's been fun. We had a freeze the other night which makes me happy I haven't moved any fragile seedlings outside yet. Naturally the wisteria vine decided this year was the year to produce it's beautifully fragrant blossoms. The vine outside the bay window was covered in fat little buds that I knew would freeze right off so out I went with a blanket the dogs use, some plastic bags and twine to wrap them up in the hopes it would protect them. Isn't it beautiful? Looks like a dead body.

All that work and the poor little buds still froze. Grrrr. I did manage to cover the strawberry plants (with their baby strawberries already growing) with a quilt and they look great. They survived.

Yesterday was Wesley's first grade class field trip. This year they went to a nature center and park. I wasn't real sure if that would keep 45 six and seven year old children happy for a whole day but it was great, it was very well done. They divided the classes up at the nature center and had little displays with local wildlife and habitats. This woman had a salamander that she was teaching the kids about. Look how excited my child is (he's the one in the yellow coat).

That is until she got a meal worm out and the salamander gobbled it up....along with several more. That sure entertained the class. Oh and the little girl sitting next to him, that's his girlfriend. Well it was until after lunch when she broke up with him. I guess that's how things are done in first grade. *snicker*

Then they had a nice woman talk about native owls and introduced the class to a little screech owl that flew into a fence. The field trip was a success and everything went smoothly.....well except for loosing the bus Jessica and I were following and getting lost downtown. But thanks to Sean we finally made our way to our destination. Talk about beautiful weather too! No wind (which is rare) and sunny skies.

Miss Evie and Jessica. 

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