Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Wednesday Write-Up

-Everything is greening up so nicely outside. The grass is almost thick now, which seemed to have happened overnight. My seedlings that I started the end of February are growing well and will probably have to be transplanted into bigger pots soon. They will not be going out to the garden until May, after the crazy winter we had I don't trust our predicted last frost date.

-My youngest is a handful to say the least. She decided that while Granny Randi was here she was not going to preschool. The first day she started crying midway through class and declared "My Granny is here and I need to be home with her!". Next class she cried the entire class and I was asked to come get her early. We had a big talk about what is happening. She told me she couldn't control her crying and just wanted to stay home with us. So I figured this craziness would end after Granny Randi went home because that girl LOVES preschool. Not so much. I've had to start bribing her. I now tell her that if she goes to preschool (only two days a week) and doesn't cry and has fun then I will take her somewhere fun on Friday, just a girl day out. So last week I picked her up and asked her if she did ok and she replied "I did great, whenever I thought about crying I just told myself not to." That's my girl. So last Friday we went out to lunch and we found her a new pair of sandals for Spring. You gotta do what you gotta do.

-Since I'm talking about Greta I thought I'd share a little funny story. Her preschool class ordered a bunch of caterpillars so the kids could watch them turn into butterflies. Miss Greta is pretty excited and when she found a caterpillar on our driveway she decided she wanted to do the same with it. So into a jar it went with a stick and some food. We watched "Caterpillary (it's name)" wiggle around and eat leaves. She would get it out and let it climb on her arm. It was her pet. Well, I came home one day and Sean informed me that Greta decided to take Caterpillary outside for a nice jump on the trampoline and somehow it got squished. I can't imagine how a little caterpillar got squished on a trampoline (please note the heavy sarcasm). She was sad but that lasted all of 10 minutes and then she was off to find a new caterpillar.

-Today was the first day of the year I got to take the tortoises outside to soak up some rays. The plan this Spring is to create a tortoise yard for them that's fairly good sized. Somewhere we can let the grass and weeds grow and create a nice outdoor habitat for the three tortoises. I've been researching it all winter and am eager to start on it. But in the mean time they are in the chain link dog kennel. I lined it in 2 X 6's so they can't see out and try to squeeze under the chain link. So go out there to check on them this afternoon and lets just say "Love is in the Air!" Old dude is feeling his oats.

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Granny Randi said...

Tortoise love!

Glad Greta is doing better at pre-shool. Bribrey and blackmail are necessary parental tools!

Got my seeds for the garden. Hopefully Rich will till it up soon.

Miss you all very much. Thanks for everything.