Monday, January 13, 2014

It's Alive!

When we were all home over the Christmas break Sean was able to do some serious work on the Range Rover in the shop. It was a work in progress in which we weren't willing to invest a lot of money into until we knew there was nothing terminally wrong with the car. For instance, it needed a new battery and new tires among many other things but if the transmission was bad we didn't want to invest the money in it. So Sean has been tinkering around on it working on various systems to ensure that it was "healthy" enough for further investment.

The brakes were questionable. They had been sitting for at least six years and needed some help. I think I sat in that car for a total of 4 hours doing Sudoku puzzles while pushing on that brake pedal while Sean bled them. That car has a rather intricate braking system and all that bleeding never produced any results. I could push that pedal all the way to the ground with no resistance. So Sean diagnosed it and he ordered a new hydraulic brake unit and whoa-la it now has brakes! That opened the flood gates, it was time to get that car road worthy. I bought a battery on Saturday and tires were ordered this morning. We took it out for it's maiden voyage up and down the driveway yesterday several times (the tires were cracked and not in road worthy condition or we would have gone further). The kids piled in the back and had fun.

My mom kidded around that now that the Rover is up and running we'll not have another snowy/icy day this winter to try it out on. She's probably right! It's going to be a beautiful week of weather in the 50's.

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Granny Randi said...

Good job! Don't worry...there will be more icy/snowy days ahead!