Thursday, January 9, 2014

Cabin fever

The cabin fever is starting to set in. I'm getting that twitch from having nothing to do. Well, nothing fun to do. I always have things to do. Chores and what not. With kids and dogs there is always something to clean or put away. Yesterday I woke up and decided it was a day to get out of the house. Greta is always on board when I want to go out. She's my little mini me in most respects. She loves to go out to eat and loves to go shopping. Nearby there aren't many good options for going out to eat but there is always Panera. We love Panera. She gets her buttered noodles and a cookie (hello carb fest!) and I can get my Mediterranean Veggie sandwich and vegatable soup (you'd think I was a vegetarian). Mmmm I wish I could have it again for lunch today.

We bummed around the library for an hour collecting new books, movies and WiiU games. Every week I get 20 new children's books that we read before bedtime. I've been doing this for years now and nearly every week I come home with a book or two that I've gotten before. They get a kick out of good ol' forgetful mom. How am I supposed to keep track of the hundreds if not thousands of books we've checked out. I assume we'll get to the point where we've read them all.

Then, of course, we stopped by the thrift store to see if there were any fun treasures to bring home. We found a brand new unique Disney puzzle that kept the kids entertained for over an hour last night.  We've never attempted a round puzzle before. They did great, only needing a little help. It was a nice way to squash the winter cabin fever.

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Granny Randi said...

I love Panera. Eat something for me!

I used to check out mounds of books for the boys. Reading was a bed time ritual. New Orleans had a larger selection than Colby, but nobody complained. They loved their stories before bed.