Saturday, January 18, 2014

WiiU Fit Time

I've got to admit that we've been thoroughly enjoying the new WiiU game console. It's winter outside so I don't feel too bad about sitting around playing games with the kids. But perhaps I've been sitting around too much this winter because I've gained a few pounds (six to be exact) and it's time to up my activity level and shed the winter weight. This is pretty typical for me, I gain a few pounds in the winter and lose them in the spring when I'm outside working my hiney off. But it's time to get exercising more. I've been bored with my workouts on the treadmill and Bowflex and need something new to get me moving. So, I saw that the WiiU has a Fit game that comes with a balance board and pedometer. It was just released on the 10th so last week I started shopping around so I could preorder it. I went to my "go to" store, Amazon and it was $89 with Prime 2 day shipping. I read the reviews and one of the them said don't preorder it here, it's $65 if you preorder it from Best Buy. Now, I can't stand Best Buy. I tend to avoid that store like the plague but to save $25 bucks I suppose I could give em my money. It's not like I had to actually drive to the store, it was delivered free.

So on Wednesday I received my WiiU Fit box. My parents have the balance board so I'm familiar with it and know how much fun it is.

The Fit Meter (a pedometer) comes with it and syncs with the console. You can choose a walking course and it uses the steps you acquired throughout the day to finish the course. They also have an altitude option where it measures how many steps up stairs and hills you go. It's pretty cool. I know of one gal who wears a pedometer as well as her husband and they compete to see who can finish the walking course first from the steps they acquire through the day. That would be fun.

My parents came over last night for dinner and we decided to do some quality family Wii time while they were here. My kids love the Wii and Greta, in particular, is fearless when it comes to trying new balance games on there. One balance game is the flying chicken  where you use the balance board and flap your arms to fly from one platform to another. Needless to say it's pretty entertaining to watch. Here is my digital  father the chicken.

And here is my real father the chicken. I took video but I'm sure he'd appreciate me not sharing it.

We rounded out the evening with dancing (in which my father kicked my hiney, I'm no dancer) and a few rounds of bowling in which Wesley stole the show. We'll have to take the kid bowling for real, he's a natural.
So, the WiiU Fit game is a hit in our house and the kids want to play it all the time. I figure since it's getting them moving it can't be all that bad.

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I can't wait to try it!