Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I'm happy to report that Dym, the goat, started eating again over the night and woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed. I'm starting to wonder if she's smarter than I think she is. Perhaps when the weather takes a turn for the worse she knows she can get a one way ticket to the heated garage if she just stops eating and shivers a little. It worked for her but now she's back in her pen all snuggled up with her big beefy offspring. She'll be plenty warm tonight.

Mucking out the garage from their 24 hour stay was not much fun. How three creatures can create that much nastiness is beyond me. I appreciate that I have a very understanding husband that pulled his "precious" out of the garage and into the cold so that my old goat wouldn't die. The funny part of this is now, that the garage is goat free and cleaned out, we can't even get his corvette back into the garage because it got stuck in the snow just pulling it out. It is so not a winter vehicle.

School starts back up again today and I'm secretly happy about it. It was nice having everyone home for over two weeks but it's time to get back to reality. Little minds need to get back to socializing and learning. Mom needs her kid free break again too. I'm getting the urge to do a little spring cleaning (a tad bit early but when you get the urge you go with it). I need to clean out my closets and donate or sell the stuff I haven't worn in a season. Perhaps I can earn a little money for my trampoline fund.  I've been saving gift cards and spare money in a envelope for a new trampoline in the spring. I don't know if the kids or I am more excited about a trampoline (probably me). We nearly have enough!

That's about all that's happening around here.

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