Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Gates Gates Everywhere

I'm so excited that this winter the goats have a nice large house that they can go in to stay warm and escape the bitter weather we will soon be having. They had a little area they could crowd into in the past years but it was definitely tight. With the extension we added on to the horse shed we were able to install a gate over the front of the old shed. This will allow the goats (the lowest members of the totem pole) to have shelter and not be bullied out into the rain and snow. I've put down pine shavings and straw and it's nice in there. Rich put the gate up and got the latch installed last weekend as well as making me three more hay racks to install inside the shelters so the hay is kept off the ground. Thanks so much Rich! The goats sure like their new enclosed house.


The goat house wasn't the only house that got a gate installed. We installed a gate inside our house as well last weekend. We've come to the realization that we will have baby gates in our house forever. We had baby gates before we had children, they are for the dogs. The dogs are banished to the hard wood floors and are never on the new carpet. They are muddy creatures prone to random urination, so baby gates are a necessity. The problem with baby gates? You have to climb over them countless times a day. It is a hassle. So when we were at my sisters house a couple of weeks ago and were offered their old hinged gate we jumped at the chance.  I stained it the same time as I stained the deck and it was installed on Saturday. I think it's quite lovely (at least compared to the old baby gate that was there). We all love it! Thanks Betsy and Blake!

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