Monday, November 18, 2013

A tumble

What a weekend.

Sunday was beautiful, sunny with no wind in the morning. Perfect weather to climb back up on the roof to install the last boot over the remaining leaking vent. Sean climbed up the ladder and then his dad climbed up the ladder. Rich got to the top of the ladder and the ladder slipped out from under him. I was outside playing with the kids and heard the ladder go and watched Rich fall down to the deck. He landed on his back and his head hit the deck pretty hard. It was very frightening. Luckily he didn't break anything but was bleeding pretty good from a wound on the back of his head.

It was agreed upon that he needed to go to the emergency room, so off he and Sean went. Luckily there is a new emergency room just north of us that can usually get you in fairly quickly. They did a CAT scan and found a small brain bleed even though he wasn't showing symptoms. The doctors decided to transfer him to the large major hospital in town (via ambulance) for 24 hour observation. That's where he is now. We are hoping he's able to get out of there today as long as everything is ok. I'm praying everything is ok.

We decided the ladder slipped because of the recent staining job to the deck. Last Saturday, when they were up on the roof installing the other boots, the deck hadn't been stained yet. It's just slippery now with the stain and polyurethane applied. I'm now a firm believer in holding ladders.

Update: I'm happy to say Rich is out of the hospital and back at our house for a little R&R before he heads home for Thanksgiving. I'm grateful he's on the mend, it could have been much worse.

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Granny Randi said...

Thanks for taking such good care of him. I am forever grateful.