Monday, November 11, 2013

A Home Improvement Weekend

Boy howdy am I stiff today. My back aches, my neck is sore and my legs are killing me. Guess what I did yesterday to cause me to be so whiny (at least more than normal)? I stained the deck! I had one day to do it. Yesterday was the one perfect day that I'd been searching for. It had to be above 50 degrees for 24 hours and no rain forecasted.  I'm so happy to get it over with, it wasn't a task I was entirely looking forward to.
Didn't it turn out nice?

Sean did a lovey job is designing and building it. It's incredibly sturdy and will hold up to anything I'm sure. He promises me we'll have stairs coming off of it, but not until Spring. He hung up his tool belt for the season.

Sean and his Dad were busy doing the repairs to the roof that the insurance adjuster told us about. The seals around the vent pipes were cracking and he thought that's were the leaks were coming from. Sean found an interesting way to fix them at the store. It's a fixture that fits entirely over the old pipe and keeps water out. I believe it's called a Perma-Boot.  He put them on all 3 or 4 of the pipes. Old pipe on the left, new boot on the right.

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Granny Randi said...

The deck look beautiful! You all did a wonderful job.

Rich said he was going to use those boots on our house. I hope they fix all of your leaks!