Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Will walk for latte

So I've discussed my new found love of pedometers in the past. I purchased one and have been logging as many steps as humanly possible for the past several weeks. Well hubby came home from work last week and told me that his company is offering a promotional deal through FitBit that allows employees to get a FitBit Zip for $10 (they are originally $60). I'm sure right now you are asking yourself "What the heck is a FitBit?" I must admit I was asking the same thing myself. Well apparently they are nifty little devices that track your steps, calories and distance. It has Bluetooth in it so that it will sync wirelessly with your computer and phone to keep track of all your information. I thought for ten bucks lets give it a go. Sean got one too. So yesterday our little FitBits arrived, mine in white and his in grey.

I've been wearing mine around all day and have actually acrued my 10,000+ steps already by 4pm. Score! If you are within 20 feet of your computer it will sync all the information so all you have to do is log into your account to view your progress. I would think if someone had to lose some serious weight this would be an fun way to do it. I'm not trying to lose much of anything, I'm just trying to be more active. And it's working! I find if I reward myself for achieving my goal steps then I'm much more likely to get to my goal. Lately my goal has been this:

Iced vanilla chai latte from Starbucks. Heaven in a cup. Can you believe I hadn't stepped into a Starbucks ever in my entire life up until about a month ago? I received a gift certificate to Starbucks for doing some free sculptures and decided to check it out. I had no idea what to order or how to order for that matter. It was a bit intimidating. All that tall and grande crap. I think I figured it out though. I started out with some awful orange flavored iced coffee, couldn't do it. Was talking to Rich about it and he suggested a chai latte as it's Randi's favored Starbucks drink. Bingo! Delish. It might just make all that walking moot but it's worth it.

I've been thoroughly enjoying my free time during Greta's preschool. It's a whole 2.5 hours to do whatever I want. I savor every minute of it. Sometimes I get my beloved chai latte and head to the park to log a few thousand steps. I love this park, it's virtually deserted and other than trying not to step in goose poo it's quite lovely. I know one lap around it is roughly 1200 steps.

It's been hard not feeling guilty about doing absolutely nothing for 5 hours a week. I look around at all the diligent people hard at work and wonder if I should be doing something productive. Then I think "Gee Mandy, you've been raising or gestating small people for the last six years of your life, I think you are entitled to a five hour break every week." Then I promptly go put my feet up and play some Playstation3. Life is rough.


Granny Randi said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH, chai latte! It's divine! I can almost taste it. Please take a sip for me.

Does an employee's mom qualify for a $10 FitBit? if so, I want one.

Enjoy your 5 hours of alone time. You deserve every second of it!

The Menagerie Momma said...

Aren't they heavenly? I saw that you can buy the boxed chai and make them at home, but I'd be 300 pounds by next spring. :) No, it was supposed to only be one FitBit per employee but Sean used both of his work emails to get us both one. Sorry Randi!