Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Wednesday Write-Up

-The first day of preschool went wonderfully. She was a little shy when we got there but after finding the bucket o' Barbies and a playmate she bid me farewell with ease. I asked her in the car at pick-up time how everything was and she said "All the kids were so nice, nobody kicked or punched me like Wesley!". Ha! Don't worry about Miss Greta she punches Wesley far more than he does her. I'm thrilled she's excited to go back.

-The deck progress has stopped due to a rather ill husband. Poor guy got a nasty stomach flu (or maybe West Nile virus?) that had him curled up on the couch in misery. The kids and I tossed Saltines to him from a safe distance (not really) as we really did not want to catch whatever bug he had. Luckily he is feeling better today and on the road to recovery. As much as I've tried he still won't let me go out and put down decking, he really wants to do it himself. I'm ok with that. I'm just happy to be seeing this outside my sliding glass doors:

....rather than this:

-The Volt just turned one year old and turned over 10,000 miles. So far it's been fun, sporty and different. We haven't noticed any difference in our (gigantic) electric bill and it's been lovely not filling the car up much. I've used 57 gallons of gas over 10,000 miles which averages out to 175 mpg (come on, that's cool). That means the 32 mile range is just about perfect for my transportation needs, I don't tend to ever need to use the gas engine except for the occasional trip. The downsides thus far include the low clearance on the front....I scrape anything and everything. I'm an equal opportunity scraper. And the black interior. You mix living on dirt roads, kids and a black interior and you are left with the dirtiest car interior ever. It's dirty right after I clean it. It makes me twitch. Never again will I own a car with a black interior. Mark my words. Fun car though! Happy birthday Mr. Volt.

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Granny Randi said...

It was fun to talk to Greta and here her excitement about preschool. She has come a long way.

Your interior can't be as dirty as Rich's pickup! I think he takes the prize!

Love to you all.