Friday, September 27, 2013

Goo Be Gone

If you look in the trunk of my little car you won't find a spare tire. You won't even find a jack. What you will find is this:

This is a little air compressor. It has the option of just pumping air or air with the "goo". You know that stuff that they pump into tires to seal leaks? Well I got to figure all this out last week when the side wall on the rear tire blew. Of course it happened when I was taking Wesley to school bright and early. The Volt has a little tire pressure window on the dash that tells you what each tire is aired up to. You'll understand my alarm as I watched the little tire go from 34psi to 8psi in a matter of seconds. I was on blacktop and going 60 mph at the time. The kids got to hear some choice words as I quickly found the location that I knew I'd be stranded at.

I got my little air compressor out and hooked it all up, turned it on and watched as it tried in vain to pump air and "goo" into the tire. Hubby came to my rescue and felt around the inside of the tire, he figured out it was a blow out. All the goo was oozing out of this hole in the side wall. Doh. Luckily Sean is a pro at putting in tire plugs (I think he plugs a tire a month at our house). He was able to plug it enough to drive it slowly home. Thank goodness for him. It would have been a tow truck otherwise.

My message: Shame on you Chevy for not supplying a spare tire! Perhaps it's to get better gas mileage, or battery life or maybe it's just simply a lack of room but that's downright dangerous. Lucky for me it was just a lightly traveled blacktop road but it could have been far worse.

Greta and I spent that afternoon trying to find a matching tire, we were successful.


Granny Randi said...

Wow, that's not right and it's dangerous. Love to your rescuer!
Did Wesley make to school on time?

The Menagerie Momma said...

Of course not! He was about 20 minutes late. I'm just lucky my rescuer doesn't go to work early.