Monday, May 20, 2013

What's Happening

I can't even believe that my kindergartener has three more days left of school. Three! Then I will have him and his sister home together all summer. I'm actually looking forward to it. Now, ask me this the beginning of August and I'm sure I'll be counting down the days until school starts up again....but for now I'm pumped. I'm so looking forward to sleeping in. As it is I get up at 6:30 and run around getting kids fed and clothed and out the door, so sleeping in is going to be heavenly. Greta also does better with her brother around to play with. Those two are really good together. I'm lucky.

After last weeks visit to the eye doctor I've had the awesome responsibility of getting eye drops into a three year old. Not just one or two drops but five drops. Five drops spread out throughout the day. It's been hell. About every two hours I have to all but sit on her to get these blasted drops in her eye. One of the drops is a steroid drop and the other four are anti-inflammatory drops.  We get to go back to the doc next Monday to make sure the mass in her eye is gone and at this rate it's not going to be. It's a mess.

The kids got to experience their first real tornado scare yesterday. They were not impressed. Actually they were downright terrified. We had to retire to the basement and dig out the battery powered weather radio. Electricity was blinking one and off and then settled on half power....if that makes sense. The lights were all dimmed, ceiling fans all going half speed. It was odd to say the least. Luckily no storm damage. We all cuddled up on one of the couches in the basement and played games on the tablet by the light of the lantern. I'm sure the kids will be talking about that experience for some time.

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Granny Randi said...

Enjoy entertaining the troops this summer!
Hope Greta's eyes are ok. Miss you and love you.