Sunday, May 5, 2013

My Cake Day

I turned 34 years old last week. As it turns out it was one of the more memorable birthdays for me. This year I told Sean I wanted to go do something, just him and I, to celebrate my cake day. I wanted to get away without the kids and I didn't want to spend much time driving to get there. Then, low and behold, I saw a commercial for a casino not 20 minutes away that was just recently finished. Bingo! I called and made a reservation at the attached hotel and off we went yesterday for a fun filled outing. The kids were excited because Rich was watching them (who will endlessly play board games with them) and they got to have donuts for breakfast. Even Greta, who normally makes quite the fuss when I leave, gave me a hug and a "see ya later Mom".

We checked into the hotel and took off to find something to eat at one of the restaurants in the casino. After eyeing the buffet and the line of people with trays (no thanks) we decided to try to get into the really nice restaurant. I thought they required reservations but turns out they weren't too busy and we got in after a short wait. We don't often get to eat in this caliber of a place and it was quite the treat. One of the coolest things I saw there was a wine bar (I think that's what it was anyways), it was a row of wine bottles in a refrigerated display with a little spout at the top. A small digital display was above each bottle indicating how much each glass costs. You inserted your credit card or casino card and it pumped your glass full of wine. I must be completely sheltered because I found it utterly fascinating.

We gorged ourselves on a 5 course meal including bacon wrapped shirmp, lobster bisque, cedar grilled salmon with asparagus and some amazing molted lava cake. We even got to enjoy a mariachi band that sang a few songs in honor of Cinco de Mayo. It was a memorable meal.

The casino was an experience all in itself. I have never been gambling so this was a first for me. I have to say the people watching experience was far more enjoyable than the gambling. I'm a tight wad so to slowly give all your money to a machine wasn't my idea of a great time. If there is an art to working the slots I certainly don't have it. Sean on the other hand was pretty good. He turned $5 into $20 in no time. He lost it in the end but it took awhile to burn through what little money we brought for gambling. I have to admit the smoking got to me after awhile, but gambling was a fun while the money lasted.  I hope we can make it a tradition every year to hit the casino and have a fun night with my husband.

I don't know if I mention it enough, but my father-in-law is awesome (and not just because he watched my two rug rats). Rich was out today welding up another hay rack feeder for me. He made me two of them for my birthday. I mentioned how I wish I had some way to feed the horses and goats their hay without it being on the floor (which is a great way for the animals to get more intestinal worms). He surprised me by making me one that hooks on the fence. They work great and the animals have been using them without any hesitation. I'm hoping it reduces the mess too. Thanks so much Rich, you are one talented man.

Thanks so much to everyone that made this a great birthday. Especially my parents who brought over pizza and a yummy lemon cake (you did a fabulous frosting job Dad). Thanks again guys!


Hoofprints said...

I'm glad you had a fantabulous birthday this year. I'm sorry I couldn't do anything to celebrate with you. Happy (belated) birthday again! You may be 34, but you look 24!

Granny Randi said...

Glad you both enjoyed your birthday! Papa Rich had fun with the kids! Love to you all.