Friday, June 8, 2012

Zoo Shmoo

Sometimes I wonder why I even try. Every year summer rolls around and every year I get excited to go to the zoo. We have a lovely zoo here and I love going. I wish every year that comes and goes my children will start to enjoy going. But alas I'm starting to think the love of animals has skipped a generation. My children do not like the zoo. About 20 minutes into a 3-4 hour visit the whining starts. It initially started with hunger whines. So we had an early lunch at 11. Then the "it's so hot, I need shade" started in. It was a gorgeous day in the 80's with a nice cool breeze, seriously couldn't have asked for a nicer day at the zoo. Then Wesley started lying down at every bench he could find. This is while Greta is having meltdown number four which includes bizarre intermittent screams. The only way I can even get the kids somewhat excited is to tell them they can get something at the gift shop at the end of the visit. I'm starting to think I should just drop the kids off at the Grandparents house and I should go to the zoo by myself. Oh well. Another year down, maybe next year is the year they start to enjoy it.

I had a nice time though even if the kids didn't. The zoo was crawling with baby animals which was great to see.  A baby orangutan and half a dozen baby pygmy goats were by far the highlights of the trip. Jessica and her kids went with us and her kids seemed to enjoy themselves which was nice to see. Glad half the kids had smiles on their faces.

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Granny Randi said...

The look on Greta's face says it all!
Like the Saints football team...maybe next year!