Monday, June 11, 2012

First Wheels

Talk about a parenting fail. Wesley is nearly five years old and this weekend was the first time he's been on a bike. Well, he's pedaled around a little tricycle in the house a few times but as for a real bike....nothing. I bought him one at a church garage sale last year and finally got around to fixing it up this weekend. Rich and Sean did their man stuff to it, like repacking the bearings and fixing the punctured tubes and we are left with a pretty decent little bike that will get him through the next few years. Yes, I did buy him a helmet but he's not wearing it for this little video. Once the training wheels go on tonight he will be free to ride it as he wishes....with a helmet. He's one happy little boy.

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Granny Randi said...

A kid's 1st bike is quite a milestone! Get the bandaids ready!