Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Wednesday Write-Up

Swimming lessons are going wonderfully. We are on day three of an eight day class. He's open to trying anything the teacher suggests and jumps right in. I couldn't be more proud of the little dude. By the end of next week he'll be able to swim the length of the pool. I'm excited to see that.


The garden is growing like crazy! Corn has tassels, tomatoes are about two inches round and there are even tiny little cucumbers. When I plant the garden I also plant something in the flower bed with the trellis. Last year I tried pole beans which turned out to be quite beautiful foliage but never made a single bean. So this year I tried morning glory. It's already to the top of the bird feeder and still going. Every morning it is packed full of lovely blue and purple flowers. So far it's a winner. I mentioned to my Mom (who was born and raised in California) that I planted some Morning Glory and she looked at me strangely and said "You know that's a noxious weed in California." I laughed. If this is a noxious weed then I'll take it!

The kids are at the glorious age where I can, for the most part, put them outside to play by themselves. Of course I check on them quite often (like every four minutes), but I'm able to go inside and start dinner or answer the phone without the fear or them harming themselves somehow. I've waited for this day for many years and it's all I could have wished for and more. They are still small and can get into trouble in no time flat but they do pretty good. Brother even gave Sis a ride on the hog the other day.

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