Thursday, June 28, 2012

Compressors, gardening and potty training

-We are preparing for our vacation to Colorado. I now realize why we don't travel very much. I'm utterly exhausted trying to prepare the animals and house for our departure. It sure isn't helping that the temperatures have been over 105 degrees for the past week. This is naturally the time when my air conditioning compressor in my car dies. This is the car that we are planning on taking to Colorado. A new compressor runs $1120 at the local Ford dealer. Yikes. We can order a compressor and hubby can install it for about a quarter of the cost but we don't have the time. So we might be renting a car or hubby might be able to tinker with the valve and get it working. Ugh, why do things always die at the most inopportune time? On a funny side note, I was talking to the mechanic that tested the AC unit and mentioned we needed the car for a trip to Colorado and he looked at me funny and said "You do know Colorado is on fire right?" Yep, well aware. We aren't going to those locations.

-The garden is starting to produce a whole lot of veggies. I'm sure everything will ripen up while we are gone. But not to worry, there are so many grasshoppers this year that I'm sure nothing will go to waste. I've never seen so many grasshoppers in my life.  I have managed to bring in several onions, bell peppers, tomatoes and corn. My favorite thing to do with the produce is make wraps for lunch. They make the low carb wraps and I slice up pepper jack cheese, bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, spinach and drizzle it with a little italian dressing. So good and a great way to get oodles of veggies into your diet. I am loving the garden.

-Potty training has been an adventure. Miss Greta is really ready but I don't want to full on tackle it until we get back from vacation. She's going number two on the big potty usually once a day but still urinates in her Pull Up. She absolutely loves her princess Pull Ups and pulls them on and off by herself. Whenever big brother says he has to go, so does she. So they sit in there together doing their thing....usually with magazines. When we return we are going to hit it hard, let her pick out big girl undies, candy as a reward and sticker chart. I'm ready, she's's to no more kids in diapers!

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Granny Randi said...

OUUUUUUUU...fresh veggies in a wrap. Very yummy.