Tuesday, November 9, 2010

One of those mornings

Being a stay at home, work from home mom has afforded me some luxuries. One of them is almost no schedules. I wake up when the kids wake up, we take it easy throughout the day doing whatever comes to mind. Doctor appointments are never scheduled before 10 am. This worked for us, especially with two young kids. Then preschool started. I have to wake up to an alarm clock twice a week (God forbid), rush around trying to get two kids awake, fed, clothed and out the door at a specific time. Mind you this is only two days a week and I can hardly do it. Oh and we're talking about getting them out the door at 9 am....this isn't even like 7 am. I have no idea how the rest of the civilized world does this on a daily basis. No idea. It's crazy on those mornings. Lately I've been getting better, I'm more organized. Things have to happen in a specific time frame or we'll be late. I'm getting it down.

But now a road block as arisen. A three foot road block who's name is Wesley. Five minutes before we are to leave I get shoes on, backpack ready, jacket on. Then my little road block tells me he has to poo. *sigh* So off come the shoes, jacket, pants and undies and off he trots to sit on his little potty and read. You see he has this slight phobia about pooing on the big adult potty. He knows Miss Cindy, his preschool teacher, doesn't have a little potty (how does a preschool teacher NOT have a little potty I ask??) so he always goes poo on our little potty. The problem here is that he inevitably  does this three minutes before we are to run walk out the door. All morning I tell him if he needs to poo then to do it before we are ready to leave. And every day he trots off to the potty as we are leaving. Today was bad. We ended up being five minutes late to preschool because of his this. This is even after prying him off the potty because he was just sitting there. He was crying that he needed to poo, clock was ticking, nothing was happening. I'm starting to think this is his way of stalling going to preschool. Some days he loves preschool other days he wants nothing to do with it. I just wish he'd figure this out before I go insane. Three year olds, you can lead them to the potty but you can't make em poo.


Granny Randi said...

He has a "bit" of his daddy in him! Thanks for the giggle. Do I need to get a little potty?

The Menagerie Momma said...

We will for sure bring ours. Thanks for offering Randi!