Sunday, November 7, 2010

Birthday Boy!

We spent the weekend in Kansas City celebrating my nephews very first birthday. He's turning into quite the little man! Hard to believe these babies are one now. It's fun watching them get together, we can just toss them on the floor and they entertain themselves for long stretches of time. I just thought I'd share pictures from the weekend. Hope everyone is having a nice and relaxing one!

The Birthday boy! Happy Birthday Emery!

Emery is going to be a big brother in April. Betsy at 19 weeks along.

Wesley had fun playing this weekend.

Blake and Greta. She just wouldn't crack a smile.

The babies and I.

Emery's monkey cake took me some time to make, but I think it turned out cute....

.....and Wesley thought it was delicious.

The look on Greta's face cracks me up. She looks paranoid about Papa back there.

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Granny Randi said...

Your cake is beautiful...great job! Emory is growing so fast. Love the new pictures.