Sunday, January 22, 2017

Milling Machine Moving

This past weekend was beautiful! It was warm, not windy and the sun was shining. Perfect weather to get outside and accomplish stuff. I kicked the kids outside (might be the first time all winter) and we all got some much needed vitamin D. Sean escaped to the shop and few hours later I wander over to see what he was up to. This is what I see upon entering the shop.

If you remember, several months ago Sean found a milling machine on eBay and purchased it. It has been sitting in the shop on it's shipping crate ever since. He felt it was time to attempt to take it off of the pallet. Now keep in mind it's 2200 pounds. This is not something you can just easily pick up and place on the ground.....might be why it's been sitting on it's shipping crate so long.

Sean assumed me it would be easy and safe to just ease it off onto the floor jacks and then slowly let it down. All I could see what this one ton piece of machinery squashing my husband flat. So I decided to stick around and watch in case I needed to call an ambulance.

Using a pry bar he slowly pushed it off of the pallet and onto the floor jack. Then he placed piled up wood around each corner.

He put another floor jack on the other side and slowly lowered the milling machine to the ground, removing one piece of wood at a time.

I was impressed and really happy he didn't hurt himself (although his back may never be the same). He then used the same pry bar to slowly inch the monstrosity over into the corner where he's going to start working on it. 

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Granny Randi said...

As Rich would say...It's all about levers! Good job, Sean!