Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Pinewood Derby Race

Yesterday evening was the Pinewood Derby race for Cub Scouts and Wesley was super excited (and a little nervous). He'd been building and sanding and painting his little car for a few weeks now and last night was the big night where the boys gather and race their cars to see who is the fastest.

A few posts ago I talked about his using the band saw for the first time while cutting out his design. Then after the painting he got to hammer in the axles and wheels.  Sean was really good about letting him do the whole thing himself.

The finished Minecraft Zombie car. We used pennies as the weights. You have to get the car as close to 5 ounces as possible, pennies made this pretty easy.

The car lineup. He got second in Best of Show (based on the cars appearance). Lost out to the orange car next to his.

He came in second overall, first in his pack. He was a pretty excited kid! 

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John and Julie said...

Well that is really good news! I'm proud of Wesley and the car he made.