Saturday, March 12, 2016

A Green March

I do believe Punxsutawne Phil was correct this year, we are having one early Spring. It's greening up, trees are blooming and bullfrogs are croaking out at the pond (in early March!). It's like winter was just a tiny blimp on the radar. We didn't even get any snow, just a light dusting on the deck that was gone in two hours. I'm ok with this! I'm ready to get outside and get some projects done. Usually by now I've got several trays of seeds going for the garden. But this year I'm not starting any seeds, I'm just going to buy my plants and keep the garden small.....actually tiny. Just a few tomato plants and some zinnias. Really the only two things I love in the garden. I put so much effort into growing five types of squash, peppers, onions, carrots, watermelon, cantaloupe, green beans, corn and anything else I could find and I hardly have anything to show at the end of the season. I'm giving up this year. I want that hour a day spent on weeding and watering to go into something worth while.

The kids are outside constantly now that the weather is sitting at 70 degrees on a regular basis. Wesley has gotten to ride his bike several times and I got to go for a nice ride with him last weekend. I received a lovely new Schwinn a couple of weeks ago and really love it. I haven't had a new bike in over 15 years and this one is super nice.

Sean, aka my personal mechanic, has been hard at work fixing the "clunk" that developed in my car whenever I turned the wheel. It ended up being the strut mounts going bad and he ordered the new parts and installed them in an afternoon. My car is so quiet now! Yay, thanks honey!

Speaking of my husband, I really enjoy our lunch dates. We've gotten comfortable in our regular lunch choices so I did a search on Google for the best vegetarian restaurants in town and although most of them were downtown (quite a drive from his workplace) there was one lone restaurant up north of town where he works. It ended up being a Chinese restaurant and I was feeling adventurous so we went last week. Now, had you told me when I was a child that I'd love Chinese food as an adult I would have laughed in your face. Actually, my ten year old self would have laughed hysterically. I must admit, I love Chinese food! Being a vegetarian, sometimes it's difficult to find good food while eating out. I research a lot online before even going out. I hardly eat any dairy or eggs either so to find this gem (right near his work) was awesome. The lunches are served in a bento box and I walked out of the place stuffed. My lunch was Panang Curry with tofu and was $7. Sean got the honey chicken and said it was better than P.F. Changs (our usual go to Chinese place). Looks like we've found a new winner in the lunch rotation.

Yes, I took a picture of my lunch...I'm one of those people.

My cute date.


John and Julie said...

Great pictures!

Granny Randi said...

I love Sean's beard! Nathan is growing one, too!

I started my seeds last year and it was a bomb. This year a friend with a greenhouse is starting them for me. Hopefully the rodents will not be a problem this year. I'm getting 2 black cats to patrol the property!