Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Well Armed

I got the dreaded jury summons in the mail a few weeks ago.

I dodged it a few years ago because I was, sort of, breastfeeding my youngest daughter. Apparently breast feeding in a courthouse is distracting so they let me have a pass on that one. This time I wasn't so lucky (if you consider breast feeding lucky).

This morning I trudged into the courthouse, which is about half a hour away. Upon entry into the building I was greeted with metal detectors and police officers. One officer took my purse and pulled me aside to inquire about its contents.

Officer: "Ma'am do you have any pepper spray in here?"

Me: "Hmm you know, I think I do." 

Officer: "Do you have any knives?"

Me: "Gosh, yeah I think I have two." 

At this point I start digging around in the purse to locate all my weapons. I pulled out my keys and on my key ring is a Safety Cat personal defense keychain my father got me.

Officer: (chuckling) "I'll need that too"

Me: "Sorry, I was really not prepared for this!"

Officer: (puts his hands up) "Man, I'm not going to mess with you!"

All my seized contraband. It's a good thing I don't fly much.


Granny Randi said...

Omg! I would have love to seethe officer's face!
Go Mandy!

John and Julie said...

Great Story!